Course Handicap Conversion Tables

Click Here to view Course Handicap Conversion Tables, which are used to convert your USGA Handicap Index to a Course Handicap for the course and tees you are playing.

The USGA Slope Rating defines a course’s degree of difficulty for the average golfer as compared to a scratch golfer and is what makes your handicap “portable.”  The higher the Slope, the more difficult the average golfer will find the course, and thus the higher his or her Course Handicap will be.

The tables are in order by Slope Rating and are easy to use:

  1. Find the table with the Slope Rating for the course  you are playing;
  2. Find the range containing your USGA Handicap Index;
  3. Look in the right column for your corresponding Course Handicap.

Example: How Slope Affects Your Course Handicap
When you play a course with a higher Slope, you will have a higher Course Handicap than you do on a course with a lower Slope.  A player with a 12.1 USGA Handicap Index would play with a Course Handicap of 15 on a course with a Slope Rating of 136 and with a 12 on a course with a Slope  Rating  of 116.


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