Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Member

Hobart Manley, Jr.

Inducted 1991

Hobart Manley, Jr., was born in Savannah, Ga., on December 20, 1926.  After accumulating several high school team sports honors, he began a highly successful amateur golf career at the University of Georgia.  Starting in 1948, he played in six U.S.  Amateurs, three British Amateurs, two French Amateurs, and one Canadian Amateur.  Manley’s tournament titles include the 1951 North-South Amateur and the 1954 Southeastern PGA Open.  He teamed with Marlene Streit to win the 1953 and ‘63 National Mixed foursomes tournaments.  He was named Savannah’s Outstanding Athlete in 1950 and was inducted into the Savannah Athletic Hall of Fame in 1969.