Georgia Golf Hall of Fame Member

C. Layne Williams

Inducted 2016

Video Documentary

C. Layne Williams of Marietta, Ga., is the longtime Senior Director of Rules and Competitions at the Georgia State Golf Association. His knowledge and passion of the Rules of Golf and experience as a golf administrator has made an impact on the state, national and international level. 

Williams was born in Atlanta and attended Moultrie High School in Moultrie, Ga., where he played golf. He joined the golf team at LaGrange College in 1972 and was the number one player for three years. He was won the club championship at both Highland Country Club in LaGrange and at Raintree Country Club in Charlotte, N.C.

Williams joined the Georgia State Golf Association in 1987 as a tournament director, and quickly elevated to the position of senior director, where he continues to serve today. Having been a Certified Rules Official for the United States Golf Association since 1989, he has acted as Official in Charge at over 250 GSGA competitions and over 250 qualifying rounds for USGA national championships. 

On the national level, Williams has served on the Rules Committee of close to 60 USGA Championships, including several U.S. Open Championships (14), U.S. Amateur Championships (2), U.S. Mid-Amateur Championships (18), and many others. He has conducted GSGA/Georgia PGA Rules of Golf Workshops every year since 1988, and has hosted more than 120 Rules of Golf Seminars at various GSGA Member Clubs, including two seminars for the Bermuda PGA.

In addition to his unquestionable rules knowledge, Williams is an esteemed writer as he has published many articles for various publications, including Golf Georgia magazine and Through the Green magazine. He won the 2001 GAMMA Award for Best Essay for an article he submitted in Golf Georgia.

Williams and his wife, Teresa, currently reside in Marietta, Ga.