GSGA volunteers serve on committees on a year-to-year basis. They are involved in course rating, competitions, standing committees, Georgia Junior Golf, the GSGA Foundation, the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame or any other area of volunteer Association activity. As participation and service warrant, Committeemen may become eligible for consideration for the Board of Directors.

The Georgia State Golf Association has 18 committees that provide advice to the Association's leadership. The composition of these committees includes individuals from all areas of the GSGA volunteer structure. The committee descriptions are divided into the following categories: Core Service, External Service, Volunteer Service, Strategic and Policy, Administrative and Allied Associations.

Core Service Committees

Rules & Competitions

Championship Committee
Site Committee
Players Advisory Committee
Women's Tournament Committee
Junior Golf Committee
Member Play Days Committee

Course Rating

Course Rating Committee

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Committee

GSGA Foundation

Development Committee
Finance Committee
Nominating Committee
Scholarship Committee

External Service Committees

Business Development Committee
Communications/Magazine Advisory Committee

Volunteer Service Committees

Bill Todd Award Committee
Leadership Development & Nominating Committee

Administrative Committees

Finance Committee

Allied Association Committees

Allied Association Committee


Georgia State Golf Association is the official golf association of the state of Georgia, and its membership is open to men, women, juniors, seniors, and golf clubs throughout the state. Golfers who join GSGA have access to invaluable resources and competitions that allow them to advance their knowledge and improve their golfing skills. Joining GSGA means joining an association of more than 350 clubs and 75,000 people who all have one thing in common: a love of golf.